Hello All, Thanks for stopping by we're off on tour!! The Graveltones Don't Wait Down TOUR 2014 has now been announced so stay tuned as more shows & festivals will be added soon. All shows will stay up to date on this site and the link above will take you to the new Gravelshop where you can purchase merchandise...

More news and updates coming soon...


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"Demonic vocals, thunderous drums and lusty live performances. What more could you ask for?" Classic Rock Magazine

"The Graveltones live are a phenomenal experience for a mere duo. Watching them bulldozes any presumption of a new White Stripes or Black Keys thanks to their Bonham-esque thunder drumming and cocooning vocals." Londonist

"Here are two absolutely amazing musicians making it look so easy to be just that good... Just on the cusp of a breakthrough... 2012 is going to be a massive year for The Graveltones." The Grapevine

""Forget Batman and Robin. "The Graveltones" are The Dynamic Duo for the 21st century. Jimmy and Mikey deliver the most exciting, musical, and texturally compelling sounds of any duo I've had the pleasure of listening to (and jamming with) in a very very long time! These fellas are going places." Elliott Randall (Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers)

"Swaggers, swings and squeals in all the right places, we think you'll agree." Classic Rock Magazine

"Lots of attitude, captivated by their explosive sound." MTV Brazil

"If you like your blues a bit fuzzy, played by only a couple of blokes and with an overseas element, then the Graveltones have got all bases covered." The Age Australia

"Raw, powerful blues infused rock, particularly impressed." Metal Talk

"The sound of blues rock being given a firm shove up the arse. These guys are good, oh they are more than just good, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. A lasting impression, truly kicking live, there's something special brewing here. a truly lasting impression." Uber Rock

"A rock show that simply grabs you by the groin and grips you tight for the best part of an hour." Time Off Magazine Australia

"The rowdy, blues'd up duo the Graveltones. These cats are very in line with the live rawness we appreciate; very exciting two-piece." RIVAL SONS guitarist SCOTT HOLIDAY

"'Up to eleven' A chat with Jimmy O" Guitar Planet

"Pushing Twelve" Guitar Planet

"It would seem that metal fans, blues fans and rock & roll fans alike all love a bit of The Graveltones! Thunderous" Planet Mosh

" As ever, they were watched with dropped jaws, even by those who have seen them before, as they performed their awesome set of seering blues rock." Surounded by

"'Conventional' doesn't feature in The Graveltone's dictionary, instead they've scribbled over it with 'power' and 'intensity'." Splinter Sounds

"The world needs more passionate musicians just like them." Sonic Shocks

"Mainstream these guys aren't but I guarantee they will set alight any crowd at any venue they play, they command every inch of the stage." Get Ready To Rock

"I'll level with you I thought the Graveltones were the best support band I've seen since I first saw Vintage Trouble. Never have a band enthralled me straight from the off, you'd have to be made of stone not to like them." Musipedia Of Metal

"Raw, powerful blues infused rock. Rough, ready and full of good vibes!" Metal Talk

"The next great band to follow, it seems that everybody in UK is talking about them... an incredible sound and amazing energy!" Rock Your Lyrics

"Imbued with a confidence many hint at but few achieve." Fortitude Magazine

"Utterly mesmerising, this band oozes cool, a band to watch for 2012" Total Rock Radio

"There lyrics are innovative and intelligent clever and damn right exciting. Explosive and high energy, The Graveltones make an unapologetic impression." Silent Radio UK

"I can honestly say that I don't think that I have ever seen two people make so much noise and by noise I mean really tasty music - I would highly suggest that you get yourself to see these guys, as they do need to be seen to be believed" Chelles Rock

"Accomplished musos Jimmy O and Mikey Sorbello, trade on the strength of vocals that split the difference between Bon Scott and Jack White, guitar that chugs and shreds with equal aplomb, and thunderous drums. Rock-solid quality." Rave Magazine Australia

"Loud, energetic blues-rock with frantic, crashing drums and guitar which pummelled the fast-gathering crowd with hook after hook - it was utterly delicious. They managed to retain the intimacy of two guys jamming in a garage while sounding huge and thoroughly professional. An honourable mention goes to the Graveltones." Addict Music

"Grittier than your average blues band, The Graveltones have an authenticity about them which means that if their energy doesn't catch you, their sentiment certainly will." !ForwardSlashMusic!

"A tingling musical concoction capable of raising the most ardent of celebratory neck hair." Mojophenia